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Toy Soldier Creator

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Joined: 13.Nov - 21:25 ,2008   ::   3626 days ago
#444 joined player
Warcraft nickname: SnaKy.SVK
Warcraft server: Northrend - Europe
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Failed logins: 3

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Latest forum activity: 08.Jan - 01:38

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Description: Psychonaut

Signature: picToy Soldiers -

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Last seen: 24.Oct - 13:30
2916 days, 17 hours and 40 minutes ago.

news Comments:
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Rihno (06.Dec - 22:10, 2011): And srry
Rihno (06.Dec - 22:09, 2011): Guys im new im a coder a i really want how SnaKy did his kevlar and riot shield i really like pls
eFly (30.Mar - 19:32, 2009): no reason - simply for fun - but cum is not honorable
SnaKy (14.Feb - 13:15, 2009): no, but i allow you to cum all over this page damnit
eFly (06.Feb - 16:24, 2009): I SHALL MUD ALL OVER YOUR PROFILE, please allow me to do that, ok ?
SatanReaper (05.Feb - 14:35, 2009): Dude, why is my UI so weird in Toy soldiers? the text box doesn’t have borders, the experience box has the inner part stretched til the end of my screen.
SatanReaper (29.Jan - 18:02, 2009): :) Where ya been snaky, I hardly ever see you on the forum anymore........and yeah, I’m fine :P
SnaKy (29.Jan - 14:19, 2009): sorry; as you changed forum (i dont even remember the old one) i lost my acc so i had to create new now
Tomaxko (29.Jan - 14:19, 2009): and how come you are loged in just when you need something ? :P
Tomaxko (29.Jan - 14:18, 2009): and how come you registred only 76 days ago
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Latest HoSK version: v1.19
Other project: Toy Soldier

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Jimi003 (20.Aug - 09:52): Where are you, children of Sorrow Knight?!
Lemon (29.Jul - 04:38): nevermind i found it out
Lemon (29.Jul - 03:57): It says download not found. Can someone help me out? thanks!
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04): Santa is still known as santa
Sheki (30.Apr - 11:04): happy new year
Eisenherz (15.Jan - 13:13): Happy new Year!!!Whoots UP??
KileRatZ (07.Jan - 20:57): Happy 2018!
frisch (03.Jan - 02:03): Happy new year to all of you idiots :D
ddranimestyl (16.Sep - 16:51, 2017): Please keep us in the loop!
frisch (26.Jun - 10:31, 2017): Noones waiting for a dota2 but for a HoSK 2 :) jimi didn't you say that you were working on a SC2 version of HoSK? Or was Kile working on it?
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Random Hosk tip: 18. Runes normally spawn in the middle right and middle left, use them to your advantage.

HoSK time: 19.Oct - 07:11

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