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by the creators of HOSK

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      BETA #3
This is another quick update since I wont be around for a few days.

It would seem none of the camera-fixes worked. I have thought of one final possible fix -fix3. Should this one fail, chances are the intro animation will have to be cut out thanks to Blizzards sloppy coding.
Hopefully I will have better luck with the Galaxy Editor.

Anyway, the Pit Lords Hellfire power has also been fixed to again work correctly.

Download link here.

(20.Jul - 01:18, 2011) KileRatZ

      Download link

You can download 1.19 BETA #2 from here.

(19.Jul - 14:35, 2011) KileRatZ

      OPEN BETA #2
The main goal is to make sure all the bugs are outta here! Here are some quick notes:

Added a fix that *SHOULD* kill the Camera Bug. However, if someone still experiences the bug, please do the following:
Use one of these commands: -fix1, -fix2.
It will reset your camera to default, but its real purpose is to try to completely stop the bug from happening. Check if that happens by waiting another 5-10 minutes - camera should probably rotate enough by then that you would notice.
Report your results if you can.
Hopefully these measures werent needed anyway.
~~~~ Some other changes ~~~~
-Dampening aura: added a bonus to level 5: When healed, the enemy attacked by you will have an additional 10% heals reduction for 2 seconds.
-Twohander and Vampiric Amulet actives now actually do work
-Pitlord primary: from 260-520 to 200-400 damage, cd from 26 24 22 20 18 to 36 34 32 30 28, maximum AoE from 225 275 325 375 425 to 200 225 250 275 300. Added cast-range to description and lowered it from 700 to 500.
-Pit Lord damage and HP slightly lowered.
-Pit Lord: To The Slaughter: Raised the dps from 40 60 80 to 60 70 80. Attack speed still slows for 15 20 25%.
-Board2 now behaves the same way as board1 in beginning (before the game starts).
-Art of the assassin: Nerfed the backstab from 30 45 60 75 100 to 20 30 40 50 70.
-nightshroud time-to-go-invisible set to 1.5 seconds.
-Pitlord: You can now have Hellfire and Overlord Presence skills without them interfering with each other.

(19.Jul - 14:32, 2011) KileRatZ

      Temporary download link

While we\'re working on the main downloads link, you can download 1.19 BETA from here.

(13.Jul - 18:17, 2011) KileRatZ

      HoSK 1.19 OPEN BETA is here!

Featuring a new hero, a new passive, and tons of balance and gameplay changes!
You can read the whole Beta changelog here.

The beta is expected to end this sunday, so I\'ll be happy to receive any bug reports as fast as possible!

(13.Jul - 18:16, 2011) KileRatZ

      HoSK site expenses

Some of you have perhaps noticed that this site was offline for a few hours.
That\'s because another year has come around, and with it, the bills to keep it all running!

I\'d like to remind you guys you shouldn\'t be afraid to click the paypal donate button and spare some change :) It will be covered from my hand otherwise..
However, should there be a surplus from the donations, I\'ll announce a winning prize attached to the upcoming tournament. And the rest will be used to feed the pitlord I\'m raising ;)
So every donation will be appreciated.

Thank you for your loyalty and support

(03.Apr - 21:04, 2011) KileRatZ

      HoSK 1.19...
is in the works! And fixing the bugs, along with balancing, is only one part of it.
This time, work was also done to make this map great in the last few areas where it was undeniably lacking.
And one of the concerns was its treatment of beginners.

From 1.19 on, there\'s going to be a new intro:

And a -new command will give players a series of images which will introduce them to such things as HoSK\'s ability system, passives, item recipes, and basic understanding of lanes.

We\'re not out yet, guys!

Long live HoSK!

(13.Mar - 22:32, 2011) KileRatZ

      Bad News :(

Well, no idea where Mental is, so no idea about the bot.... But until then, if someone else doesn\'t have the possibility to set up a bot cross the servers, I would suggest people move to EUROPE & USEAST server and use this link to host the map every now and then - here

(12.Jan - 07:06, 2011) Washu

      Some good news

Well, I think you all saw the previous News about bot being back. Well, now it is back and the game frequently has been rising these few days. So keep up the playing! You can find HoSK games by typing /whois HoSK . The bot name is the same on each server.

(23.Nov - 20:38, 2010) Washu

      HoSK hosting

Well, apparently everyone noticed that the bot was down for ages, well, the one who was running it was not accessible for ages and nor did he know of it being down before just recently. It was reset but apparently some problems occurring, since it disabled automatically (disconnected from each server). But, once it is all fixed then you can find HoSK games by the name HoSK Custom Hero AoS! #

Also, I suggest that we make it host 4v4 instead of 5v5, disabling pink from the elves and orange from the humans (of course, the colours don\'t matter to me)

In case of more questions, I will try to answer them as well as I can, but since need to discuss majority of the things through with bot owner, they might delay. In case of more questions speak on the forum, also, would like to know how many people are still actually active!

(17.Nov - 09:58, 2010) Washu

      Silly idea and try

Well, we do have a ladder section, so, what if we have another tryzor? Which we all predict will fail. But it will be done like this - Jakob, I need to speak with you about stealthbots+teamview. Other people - enlist me on msn, and will arrange the matches before the ladder is created x) And then will have a few matches done.

(01.Sep - 08:59, 2010) Washu


Basically I bought a new BugFixxer 9000 yesterday, hopefully that\'ll do better, so the result can be found on the download link in here as always.

Also, a HoSK 1.18 feedback thread has been opened, go here to comment on any imbalances you might have found!

Long live HoSK!

(18.Jul - 19:09, 2010) KileRatZ

      HoSK 1.18 is now live!

And it brings these two new guys to the party:
x x

I\'d tell you more, but it\'d probably be better to just check out the changelog which can be found here.


(15.Jul - 23:12, 2010) KileRatZ

      HoSK preview: Eternals!

Bored of always picking same old 12 legendaries? Well, you\'ll be happy to know I copy pasted each and every one of them under a pretense of giving you 12 xtreme new items!
Because soon, the rewards for killing SK will become quite worthy once more - His Sorrow Knight hammer may now be combined with one of your legendaries, upgrading it into an eternal.
Here\'s an example of what you can get:

He has also been re-worked along with the hard creeps. You should now be able to cast almost any ability (excluding obvious ones like transmute) on them, which means that casters are now also viable for taking him down.
And before your mind inevitably escapes to the wonders of de-buffs, let me announce now that the SK has already been made in a way where he is 50% resistant to the strength of anything that would slow his movement speed, attack speed, damage, make him miss, etc.

Now just a dozen days and it\'ll all be done.

(04.Jul - 00:04, 2010) KileRatZ

      1.18 progress

Yes, its still alive, and slowly nearing the finish :P Ive got many excuses for why its taking so long, but I will spare you.

By now, a great majority of things incoming has been finalized, so at this moment, I can confidently predict that the release will come on no later date than July 15th.

Until then, have a read about how the powers of all the heroes will be rebalanced, in the topic here

Long Live HoSK!

(20.Jun - 19:10, 2010) KileRatZ

      HoSK bots!

Thats right everybody - from this day on, the hosting bots can store HoSK stats and have special HoSK - related commands added to them!
You can now use a .statshosk command to see your basic stats of HoSK games from today on, but soon, more commands will follow: .passiveshosk, .itemshosk, and .heroeshosk.

The bots will also keep track and inform you of your achievements - each player may earn them for performing something extraordinary in the game :) There are 31 as of this moment, and heres a few for a taste:
4. Might Makes Right - Kill 20 heroes within 1 life
10. Lightning Reflexes - Obtain 270 Agility
14. Helping Hand - Cast friendly abilities on your allied heroes 50 times
24. Undeniable Strength - Kill the Battle Golem before the game finishes.

Long live HoSK!

(11.Apr - 19:28, 2010) KileRatZ

      Universe Genesis

So all the visitors of I would strongly recommend you to take a look at a new space browser game. It has some really unique features, just as HoSK has so I believe that most of you will start to love it. It got me addicted when even half of the things weren\'t even ready! Take a look at it! Try it out and give the feedback.

(23.Mar - 20:02, 2010) Washu


after 3 bunches of fixing, and long wait of hosting move - we have finaly in good place.
google systems are telling that there is no threat on this page right now.


(22.Mar - 22:11, 2010) Tomaxko


we have changed the domain holder
the server holder
and i also fixed few security issues
i hope evertyhing will be ok now, if somethings go wrong, report in forum


(17.Mar - 22:10, 2010) Tomaxko


ok, right now we are having very serious issues with hosting, i am going to move the page to other hosters, since are bunch of ignorants. so be prepared, the page will be probably down for a couple of hours (maybe days)

(03.Mar - 08:01, 2010) Tomaxko

      Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day. Even to those who none of us knows :)

(14.Feb - 19:02, 2010) Washu

      First chunk of 1.18

First, I’d like to explain the long wait for it.
Making of 1.18 (as a major version) started as late as december, mostly because we decided to wait and see how 1.17 would affect the ways people play this game. The discussions on what should be done and what shouldn’t took a big chunk of the last 3 months - which is making sure that we’re going on the right direction. Still, what is stealing the last 3 weeks (and the upcoming 2) is the exam period I have, which is why I’m sorry to say I don’t have any set date on when this thing will finally come out.

As always, a number of concerns popped up - but 1.18 as of right now seems set to change the following:
- further fix the imbalances between powers, passives and items
- mix things up with a fresh pack of heroes
- set things right with the way players gain gold
And the thing that seems to eat most of the time,
- completely revise the way creeps, towers, and neutral units such as SK and the ogres work.

Starting from the next version, creeps and towers will be relatively competent until the very end of the game. The intention is not to make this game about the creeps, but to make the players see the poor things as a bit more than just walking pots of gold - it will be preferable to stay with your creeps and not walk ahead of the way.

More detail in my next news.

(13.Feb - 12:06, 2010) KileRatZ

      About GHosts hosting HoSK

After a period of all bots being down I’ve been trying to get some information and best ways out of the situation. Here is what I have come up with until now :

1 - Stardragon is hoping to replace his router withing the coming month and then could set his bot up again if needed.

2 - A 100MB internet VPS located in Washington DC. This would although cost around 10Dollars per month.

So please, give feedback.

(10.Feb - 19:23, 2010) Washu

      HoSK King of the Hill system?

Today Lisa had an interesting idea. Perhaps instead of ladders and stuff, we should use the King of the Hill ssytem? Basically it would have Seats from 1-10, everyone seated on any position can challenge the one who is one seat better than him, and be challenged by the one on a lower seat. The rules would be these - Challenge must be accepted (time and date arranged by them), and the match modes shall be called by the one who is challenged. I mean, if this would work I could ask if Tom has enough time to make the Seat Position be shown in posts under Avatar Picture in some way. Like ”HoSK King of the Hill Nr.#” But this can still be thought of later. Now the question is, would people actually like this? Every now and then there would also be ladders, and the prize for the winner would be the right to challenge the 10th of the Seats (Could rename this better, give some Honorary name like the Knights of the Round Table was in Camelot xD!). But if the winner of the ladder is already among those 10 it’d give him/her the right to challenge anyone. In case of a defeat nothing happens, but in case of victory he/she shall instantly move to the challenged ones’ seat.

Please give feedback to Lisa or myself.

Long live us folks :)!

(04.Feb - 18:29, 2010) Washu

      100 Page

In Moderator Only section of Forum one topic has reached 100 pages!! Gongratulations too all Mods :p now it’s time for other members to be even half as active xD

(01.Feb - 20:19, 2010) Washu

      The Page and staff

First allow us to say that we can not express enough thanks to everyone that is supporting our community by playing and spreading our map, helping with finding bugs, creating guides, giving balance suggestions, new ideas and generally hanging out in our community.
But the time to pay for continuing hosting of the website has come once again, that is why we would appreciate if you could support this new investment by donating. The money will be used to cover the site expenses and the excess will be given to our staff (mostly to KileRatZ to keep him motivated for further editing of the map).
So if you decide to help us, please donate, every donation will be appreciated.

Thank you for your loyalty and support

(22.Jan - 21:52, 2010) Tomaxko


Was plannin to make a Scheduled game for coming, or the next Sunday. This schedule would be turned into a ladder though. Ammount of teams and players per team would be decided depending on how many people would show up. This does require at least 8 people though.

But would be asking here, which day would fit better and what would be the best hour for both Europe and US members to be able to get there. Winner/Winner Team could get a little title award or something we can think of whilst gathering.

(18.Jan - 12:20, 2010) Washu

      A little late, but...

I suppose that the new version news should still be kept here, so here’s a week-old news story - a 1.17d is out, back in normal terrain XD.

The real reason why I’m posting this is to catch everyone’s attention to the topic here. Which hero model would you like to see the most in the future?
Go check it out!

(05.Jan - 14:37, 2010) KileRatZ

      That’s not all, folks!

The white blanket of winter has fallen over the site, but it hasn’t stopped there.

So without further ado, I’m presenting a surprise HoSK X-mas version!
Including a new different SK, severely decreased loading time, support for buying a 7th item to complete a recipe even with full inventory, and some urgent balance changes.


Have fun people, and merry X-mas! :)

(23.Dec - 21:44, 2009) KileRatZ

      Happy X-MAS

I wish you happy holidays for the whole team!

(22.Dec - 10:57, 2009) Tomaxko

      !!! SCHEDULER !!!
we would like to introduce you new schedule feature.

In here you can group and have good inhouse games, or meet in some places.
We have already created first schedule game.

Good Luck, and have fun!

(11.Nov - 17:54, 2009) Tomaxko

      More HoSK Clans

As some people may have seen there is now one more GHost bot autohosting HoSK games. It hosts for the new HoSK clan at Europe called Clan TiG. So let us welcome another clan into our community :).

PS! If the growth goes on at this rate then soon we may do Clan vs Clan ladders (USwest; USeast; HoSK@Eu; TiG@Eu; maybe more to come??)

(18.Oct - 19:13, 2009) Washu

      HoSK Polls/Tips

This is like an offering and a request for all HoSK members. Basically I want to know if anyone would be so kind and be our Poll Moderator (Make up polls and stuff :p?) and also think of fine HoSK hints to put into the Random Hints box! Waiting for your reply.

(17.Oct - 18:35, 2009) Washu

      inhouse or ladder...

we are going to have few inhouse games this friday 9.10 at 20:00, all players are welcomed,
if too many will come, we can do a small ladder (example if come 12) then we can have 3v3 and 3v3, and then 3v3 with winners, if even more come, we can make even bigger one day ladder
btw - i take part in games too this time !! be afraid ! i am looking forward

GG hosk

(07.Oct - 13:26, 2009) Tomaxko

      HoSK 1.17b

First of all I’d like to thank Kileratz for this quick makeover.

And proudly presenting the here to download HoSK 1.17b

The change log consists mainly of Bug fixes, as well as the removal of Gold Bonus and balance of few items such as Vorpal Chakram. Further information can be found from the link.

Long Live HoSK!

(28.Sep - 17:41, 2009) Washu


Well, basically I am thinking of ladders, but they neverseem to work since matches just won’t be held on those days appointed. So I don’t wish to risk, maybe some sort of bonus to winners? If yes, what would it be? I mean, something just.... not something actually useful. If anyone has ideas or is certain to be able to play and want to play (no matter what opponents) just let me know.

(17.Sep - 13:08, 2009) Washu

      1.17 is now live!

I just want to say big THX to everyone who helped me with their suggestions and ideas on these forums, the beta crew, and most importantly the moderators! HoSK would be far from its current standard without you :).

And let’s not forget, a deep bow to Tomaxko, the original creator of this map for years and years and the man who let this project continue beyond the scope of his own editing. WE LOVE YOU TOM!

And we only missed about 4 naive deadlines! :D

(31.Aug - 02:02, 2009) KileRatZ

      Just a few more days...
And until then, one last peek at what’s coming.

Recognize this?
Mystical item
+500 hit points
+10% magic reduced
+20% piercing damage reduced
+heals [your level]/2 hit points when attacked by a hero
+does (your missing HP %) damage to attacker hero only, and only once per second

Void Rip [Active]: Burns 30% mana points of all heroes in 250 aoe. Burns diminishingly less if the enemy is between 250 and 500 range (0% at 500). Damage = 3*mana burnt. cd:60s

Also, some of you wondered just how the players would be able to know how much shield a player still has with his Aegis. So here’s another pic.

And one of the new supportives:


The hero receives a surge of adrenaline to boost his powers, making him immediately able to use his offensive skill again.
Has 30 27 24 21 18 seconds cooldown and 1 second casting time.
Which goes hand-in-hand with a change of one of the passives - Flame nova can get executed only once every 5 seconds at max.

(25.Aug - 23:59, 2009) KileRatZ

Here’s one of the three new mysticals we’ve been working on:

Ironhold Aegis
Mystical item
+15 strength
+20 armor
+20% magic reduced
+150 Hit Points healed when Nuked

Ironclad Defense [Passive]: A Shield that has 300 + [your level]*4 Hit points reduces damage by 25%. Regeneration is 20 per second when out of battle (at least 5sec).
Warrior’s Endurance [Active]: Heals [your level]*5 and regenerates your shield by 50 every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. Cd: 35s.

Mysticals will now follow a path that’s a bit.. different. You may only carry one of them around, but as you can see that won’t mean you’ll carry less firepower! And costly firepower, at that. The ”secret” recipes have been dropped and instead, you build these items in a similar way to Helm of Azrael or Power Hands cost-wise.
The mysticals that are getting replaced completely are Golden Sword, Emerald Wand and King’s Horn.

Oh and just in case you haven’t noticed yet, click here.
I have high hopes that 1.17 will see the light of day once in the next 7 days.

(23.Aug - 16:25, 2009) KileRatZ

      Let’s set something straight
In case you still aren’t sure, NO, there won’t really be any racecars in HoSK ever ever, no matter how cool the lich’s bike looks :P

Guess I should feed you a few real changes instead.
All power skills which make items are getting changed/buffed in some way.
Ensnares are getting nerfed overall, in most cases their range.
The -repick (which was the only true line in the previous news) and -swap (”-swap X”) systems will most likely make it. However, they’ll have very strict rules (i.e. works only if you didn’t take any skills yet).
Game owner (”blue”) may now use ”-owner X” to designate who takes commands after he leaves. If he doesnt use it, the player with most kills gets the command.
Modes -bfr and -nli are now set ON from the start - in their replacement, modes -nbfr and -li are now available. Note that -nbfr is different than a game of HoSK 1.16 was without -bfr, it literally shouldn’t give any bonus to randomers at all.
-ap will be taken as an auto-mode if blue sets no modes. Blue can truly have no modes by saying -nomodes.
All the channeling skills will get buffed by a new passive - in fact, you’ve been looking at it for weeks!
Lastly, I want to make it clear that even though 1.17 is taking way longer than expected in the beginning, there’s a reasonable explanation, as we intend to re-work one of the bigger item shops quite a bit... details will come soon.

Long live HoSK!

(14.Aug - 18:01, 2009) KileRatZ

      Sneak Peek #4

Good news everyone, I have stayed up long last night, played a few games and came up with must have ideas how to fix some of the worst imbalances in HoSK right now, and one other GREAT idea!

From now on, you can also buy a racecar for every hero gold1000, gives you +50 ms. From then on your hero will always have a racecar, and he can still keep fighting and cast spells while in one!
This means we’re gonna have even more exciting battles and escapes! Pic of weak Dwarf running from the imba lich:

Of course they will also have to be balanced, this was why we mods will still be testing the map for 2 or more weeks otherwise all is ready. For example we already balanced Storm Lich, his racecar will only give 20 ms.
Some other changes:
- Storm Lich movement speed has been nerfed by 30 ms.
- Flame boots give +50 ms
- Dark One’s primary now needs two corpses in 100 range to work
- Divine Shield is longer by 4 seconds and its cooldown is dropped by another 3
- Panda’s potion now takes 2 slots at once
- When you build ethereal mark you get +1300 gold bonus
- Bear Bash works on heroes
- All ensnares buffed, +700 range
- Nerfed Wolf Rider’s Dominating by 50 dmg each level
- Other world is now even better, it lasts for 10 15 20 seconds.
- Ganging teams will get picked on by the map, randomly taking all their gold and spawning enraged battle golems in their base.
- If you happened to random a bad hero (like dwarf), you can now use -repick to change your mind and take someone like Storm Lich instead. (you get some gold penalty if you -repick for each randomed skill you took)
- If there are no modes from blue, -dd will be automatically set.
- Renamed a lot of skills - Hex to Hex Furyness, Windwalk to Windwalk furyness etc.
- Ancient Sword’s blink is now automatic, if you get under 100 HP it will blink you to most safe spot around.
- Dryad now also heals every time she’s nuked, and everytime you attack her, and everytime she turns around, and everytime you say dryad imba.
- Speed Rune now lasts 4 minutes
- while you’re casting any channeling spell, enemy hits deal +55% damage.
- Picking earthquake is now a noob detection technique, and kicks the player from the game. To compensate you now random it 5 times more often.

Well, one of those lines is true, anyway :P

(12.Aug - 17:20, 2009) KileRatZ

      x Meet the Dark Gnoll

Mashikim, acclaimed among his own as the Facecruncher, climbed the Gnoll warladder quickly through excellence in the field with his trusted mace. At the rank of High Marshall, he was soon acclaimed among the undead. The cunning Head-Lich of the Necromancers sought to defeat the infamous Gnoll by putting a terrible curse upon Mashikims own mace. Every soul claimed by the Mace would join its wielder\’s own conscious mind. Slowly, but surely Mashikim turned, becoming more and more like his own enemy, the necromancers of the undead. Still fighting for the Gnolls, he is now known as the Dark Gnoll or Thousandvoice.

- - - - -
Primary skill:
x Soul Breaker - Sends a dark lance at a target enemy unit, dealing damage and stunning the target for 1 second.
The energies also tear off a part of the unit\’s soul, .. oh too lazy to copy this text to the end :P - anyhow, it affects this hero quite a bit, and allows for unique gameplay :)
- - - - -
And his power skills are:
Kolosus, Dark Minions, Undead Minions, Dark Age, Black Blast, Lifeforce Grip, Dark Chase, Howls of the Underworld.
I even found him casting one of those:

(05.Aug - 19:38, 2009) KileRatZ

      HoSK, Second Age

Well, as people know already, Tomaxko gave map to Kileratz for editing. And Kile is pretty eager and has a lot more free time than Tomaxko to edit it. So the new version will be out soon. With the new version and could say New Age, we’ll try to find/fix forum bugs and maybe see if can get Tom to add a Search feature or something. So, if Graymark could take it up, then I’d like him to be the Grammar Mod XD And with new version we’d like to see the site up2date also, therefore people who wish to be mod’s in a specific section let me know (But if you won’t keep your section up2date I’ll remove it rather fast)

(01.Aug - 18:59, 2009) Washu

      Sneak peek #2
First of all, I just want to again remind everyone that you can post which power skills should be changed - click here.
Now let’s move on. New pic:
Ignore that hero on the right, trying to hide behind those wards. He’s a bit shy, which is why it took years to convince him to come out of the shadows. And we don’t wanna ruin it by unveiling him too quickly, do we?

Now let’s see. A hero is killed and I got only +50 gold for it, even though he was like level 20? What gives?

The answer lies in two more new features. Screenshot already betrays the first one - starting from 1.17, Assists will be supported in HoSK! On the kill, each player gets exactly a portion of gold he deserves based on how much damage he gave to the victim (in %). So killstealers are getting nerfed :), because you still get the most gold and an assist point. If you’re wondering, spacevet got 136 gold in that screenshot. So, 186 gold for both of us in total - still doesn’t add up huh?

The other new feature is an anti-gang system. In short, if players will start going around in packs (like me and spacevet did in the pic), they will receive a lot less gold for hero kills (granted, if there were less heroes in the battle on the opposite team), and some other penalties as well. Sanctioning players who would dismiss ”AoS” aspect of HoSK is something we moderators feel very strongly about. But do not worry - teaming up against an overfed enemy will still be well worth the price!

I hope these are pleasing bits of info :P

Long live HoSK!

(29.Jul - 19:13, 2009) KileRatZ

      New version ever ever?

Well, if all goes according to plan, you guys are not gonna have to wait for it much longer :) And it’ll be packed with a few new things.
And looking at how it’s been last few months, I thought maybe I should give a basic clue of what’s coming. So until 1.17 is completed, a few Sneak Peeks will appear on news.

I’ll start with a part that adds exactly nothing to the gameplay itself.

Starting from 1.17, every Ghost++ bot that’s hosting HoSK will have an option of storing HoSK Stats. If you ever saw how !statsdota looks like, you know the basic idea.
But HoSK stats will be quite smart, and every player will have access to these commands:
!statshosk, !pickshosk, !itemshosk, !passiveshosk.

What they do exactly will not be revealed until it’s out. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

That’s not all though. There’s one more option, and personally I’m really psyched about this one. Each player playing on a bot will earn HoSK achievements from the bot for performing something extraordinary in the game :).
And as with other games, you can get one achievement only once with the same nick.
This part is actually completed with 32 achievements even now, and here are some for a quick taste:
4. Might Makes Right - Kill 20 heroes within 1 life
14. Helping Hand - Cast friendly abilities on your allied heroes 50 times
26. Get over 9000 HP on a hero.

Long live HoSK!

(22.Jul - 19:54, 2009) KileRatZ

      ok guys

the world crisis has come to hosk
nah kidding

But for some time Kile will work on the map, it should bring us many new features such as special bonus counts and achievments, and probably also new jass-skills

i will be around from time to time

(20.Jul - 21:02, 2009) Tomaxko

      Omg, you got no idea

Well, I must make you said Eric, I’m not going away after all XD One person I kno in real and 2 people on HoSK were able to persuade me with a few helping things.

(20.Jul - 14:46, 2009) Washu

      New version? Ever?

Well, of course there will be XD I just wanted to see how a few people react if I told them there won’t :) Work is in progress, and I am receiving a big portion of help from a few specific people :)

But, as you can imagine HoSK is a pretty damn big game, and if want to change something then it takes a lot of time to even decide what to change without flushing everything down the toilet :p

(30.Jun - 12:04, 2009) Washu

      Again nothing to do with HoSK

This has nothing to do with HoSK directly again :) But in a way it does affect some games XD Since I have decided I need a new PC XD This summer will buy myself one XD Will rob a bank or something if I’ll be missing a dime or 2 XD

(23.Jun - 14:05, 2009) Washu

      For Mods

Ok guys :) I’m slowly creating something for Mods, so take up the time and read it once I got it done :) This also means that some of you are welcome to join the Change List editing Crew ;)

(21.Jun - 17:52, 2009) Washu

      Guide Section Clean-up

Well, from now on there will be higher requirements for Guides, although every guide that is accepted as OK will be rewarded, GREAT will just recieve a bigger reward ;) I’ll figure something for everyone so don’t be shy. Pyro’s Poison Mage is the example for now.

(21.Jun - 00:54, 2009) Washu

      3v3 Ladder?

Was talking to Pyro about 3v3 ladder. I personally don’t have time nor mood to deal with it, but would put sub-ground masters XD Who would take care of it. The teams would all register through me though, each team would consist of 3 players. The players will remain hidden from all but themselves and me. What others see is the Team Name. Basically I’d take 4 sub-group masters. But this does mean I’d have to be sure at least 16 teams would join it :)

(19.Jun - 10:23, 2009) Washu

      This has nothing to do with HoSK

As you can read from the title, nothing to do with HoSK XD But it’s just so damn good thing that you just have to know! I got myself a job during the summer at Estonias biggest beer factory XD.

(08.Jun - 16:02, 2009) Washu


Basically a contest for fastest start build. The winner is who can siege the base in a solo game fastest, using only the mode -AP. Winner takes 20 points, second takes 12 and third takes 5.

(04.Jun - 18:02, 2009) Washu

      HoSK Championships

Have an idea bout HoSK ladders, will only be taking care of one myself then. The HoSK Championships, the one winning this will win. You can see more at this link here.

Made a long post last time on news, but it didn’t want to show it :( So remade a shorter!

(01.Jun - 11:29, 2009) Washu

      HoSK 1.17?

The biggest secret is out! The version name will be 1.17! XD

Ok, now why I am posting this. As you can read from the previous news I’ve started the work on the list for changes in 1.17. It’ll have some major changes which I hope everyone likes. I for example just LOVE them. They’re simply adds. Some bugs are already fixed, a slight change in the editor also which allows very good new strategies that have been thought of but due to a trigger not working.

Now the people who will be helping me with this are : Pyroscar; SatanReaper; Mental-Murderer; KileratZ and Graymark. If any of them doesn’t want to see the list before it’s sent to Tomaxko and give their own effort tell me. Also if any of these people think that someone should be added let me know.

I can’t tell you about everything. But there will be many many good adds :) Now we’re working mainly on numbers again.

(24.May - 11:11, 2009) Washu

      Don’t worry, be happy!

Well, I guess it’s about time already, but you must understand me also. I got exams and stuff in a few weeks and had a lot of school stuff to deal with as well as friends constantly dragging me out. But I am eventually putting a few hours on the change list again. Since Kileratz is at end phraze with Warn system on the GHost bot and the new bot version will be out with the new HoSK version will get it done as soon as possible. Once it’s done you will most likely see some of the biggest changes in a long long while for HoSK. I can welcome help from people, but I will not accept everyones help so no hard feelings. It’s just that I need to know the person to trust the person, and to even consider his/her opinion I need to trust him/her. Also I hope that Tomaxko has more free time during summer or so that he can work on the world editor as well. If not then might try another solution or something. But sooner or later we will have the next version again. I said it a year ago that we won’t go down that easily and we didn’t. Now we have had a smaller pause, and a large increase of games so let us move on once again!

(22.May - 20:59, 2009) Washu

      Some help :p?

Ok, this will be boring, so he/she who would like to help and really means it :p Help with this : Check the numbers and texts for items, if everything is as it says : Eg - Ethereal Mark says 30 ms but actually is 25 :/. Would be really good if I’d know someone could check every item the same way for Damage, Stats, Armor, HP, Mana, MS. :) Cause taking up something soon!

(21.May - 15:13, 2009) Washu

      Site Moderators

Anyone with a lot free time and good English skill wants to help us edit the site information? Let me know if does, since seriously, I just can’t make it myself. Might also demote a few current moderators since it’s of no use to just have them and not doing anything ever. Let me know under my profile if any does, of course I’ll judge myself whether to give or not, but I won’t make no requirements to it more than good in English. Of course me liking you is a good advantage XD

(05.May - 21:38, 2009) Washu

      Bot Admin Issues

This is more of an unpleasant news rather than positive as the previous were. Mainly an announcement, about GHost admins. If there is too much complaint about a specific admin banning/ending/kicking without a reason, then that person will lose the ability to use the command he was abusing. This doesn’t mean everyone goes flaming someone they got beaten by, or who got a little pissed for getting ass whooped. Every complaint requires a bit of proof, or at least more than 1 complainer.

Because really, so far have had some admins go berserk on each other already. Sure none wants to fight, but get civilized, would you :)? Ok, thanks, bye!

(03.May - 06:40, 2009) Washu

      History has been made!

First time EVER (I guess at least) has there been over 1000 games in the last 24hours (HOSK GAMES). If someone told me this around a year ago I would have laughed my ass off literally :p But guess we got this community to rise :). So I’d like to thank all those who were here with us during the dark times since without those few we had then, what we have now would not be the same!

I’d especially like to thank Craftman21 for coming to help me get Europe Clan HoSK alive again with those GHost bots, guess it has developed into a mania?

And of course all those I sent a private invitation to help me on MSN!

(13.Apr - 13:44, 2009) Washu


Happy holidays for eveyone again :) It’s Easter... so go eat chocolate bunnies or make colorful eggs or what ever people in your nation do today :) ENJOY yourselves...

(12.Apr - 12:23, 2009) Washu

      Happy Holidays :)

Wishing everyone who visits this site today a happy holiday! But I don’t get why you are here and not enjoying your free day! Ok, just joking :) And I still think we should have HoSK Calender :)

(10.Apr - 18:34, 2009) Washu

      Special Thanks

This is a thanking message to Kileratz from myself and Tomaxko. It’s under news to make everyone understand how much we appriciate his work for HoSK map and the GHost bot hosting it. Few more member like that and we could already build up a community of thousands :).


PS! We really could use more members like Kile :)

(09.Apr - 16:45, 2009) Washu

      Insane Idea

Well, I got no idea how this would work but it would be really funny thing to have. HoSK holidays XD Or like, days of celebretion, such as the First Release. Some other special occasions etc. As well as maybe a sort of a storybook. It’s more of an insane idea but I guess everyone would love it. The HoSK Calender thingy I could fix myself or so if I’d recieve a few things. Such as first release, major changes in the map itself (Dates, etc). So we could have holidays ladders (1day ladders). And a set day major leagues so everyone could find time.

So, what do you think?

(02.Apr - 09:57, 2009) Washu

      SECRET status

SECRET is already finished, yet I wont tell any word about it, we have to test it
but it is already 100% done!

(01.Apr - 22:37, 2009) Tomaxko

      Clan AoH

The creation of second HoSK clan for Europe server has been succesful. Please people, check out channel Clan AoH to join them. The initial Clan HoSK is full of members and we would like to get both clans big before recruiting more to the first one. We will try to make the GHost (The one where I got access also) to say game names in both clan channels as soon as possible. Thank you very much everyone who attended there.

Have a nice day.

(30.Mar - 20:06, 2009) Washu

      500 visits

YOP, yesterday we have broken the record of visits and also the 500 frontier...

thx to all

have fun!

(29.Mar - 12:34, 2009) Tomaxko

      secret and new version

I am slowly finishing the work on the secret. I still lack of time so i dont know when i will finish the secret.
the secret is already working in basics and few main features of the secret are nearly finished too.

about new version: after finishing secret i will work on finishing new hero, and 2 new skills, and we will probably (probably) implement some new features such as kill assists...

(28.Mar - 18:41, 2009) Tomaxko

      HoSK Clans
After months of considering, we have come to realise that what we need is a second HoSK clan to Eu server. The clan would have their own leadership and everything, about the GHost bots, I guess that if we negotiate with the bot owners then most likely one of them would move their bot there. I am talking about Europe server. Because it has been full (100 members) on several occasions. I can personally help to start the clan with another account and appoint the Chief if you won’t get to an agreement otherwise. Please, if anyone is interested in this let me know on MSN, Email, Bnet or here.

(25.Mar - 22:19, 2009) Washu

      Power Skill Rebalancing

We are looking to rebalance Power Skills in the next version.
We would like everyone to give their opinion of what power skills should be
balanced. You can find the topic created here.

(17.Mar - 11:35, 2009) Washu

      Guide Contest

Since I see the Guide section didn’t get so many guides as hoped for, let’s
have a small contest. First, at we need at least 10 competetors. Each one
creating their own Guide, I will pick a few of the best ones from which we will
have a public voting. Winner will have a small prize.

(15.Mar - 21:11, 2009) Washu

      Sincere Waring

Well, as it seems then there are a few assholes around again, who think that
winning is everything. I would personally suggest but because in most
cases it won’t help then I just would suggest you NOT to download/play/host any
versions that you can’t download from THIS SITE

(15.Mar - 05:17, 2009) Washu

      One more small thing

well you maybe dont know, but reason I made polls this way is Washu ! It is a gift from me to Washu ! :) cause I wanted to do more than just say thx

about guides- that is a special thx to Satan Reaper, I made it as a gift to him.

also all these things were a gift to you all people out there. Thx for playing HoSK

about craftman special thx - damn i duno what to create for you :) so for now just one more big THX

(14.Mar - 13:41, 2009) Tomaxko

      NEW polls

I have made new poll system. These polls are coded by myself, so no more problems with loading some links, no more problems with some language, and no more problms with some graphic

This way any admin can create new poll, so Washu can create polls more often.

Poll in main page is picked random 1 of 3 from last 3 polls.

In poll section (link is bellow poll) you can find all polls that will be ever created from now on.

Have a nice day


(12.Mar - 00:17, 2009) Tomaxko

      New Feature

A new feature is added to HoSK fan site, basically it’s just a further classification
of Moderators and Members. When earlier we had just Admin/Mod/Member, then now bother
Moderators and Members have different sort of ranks.

PS! Due to this change, there was a need to reset the Moderators, thus all the
Moderators who wish to get their access’ back please let me know!

(10.Mar - 15:59, 2009) Washu

      new section

Ok, we are happy to announce you a new section in HOSK map WORLD.
the GUIDE section.
It is a lovely place to post your guides how to play heroes, use items or passives or what ever you want to teach others.

the fastest link to guides is here

(09.Mar - 19:31, 2009) Tomaxko

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