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Power Skill Rebalancing
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pic   Washu
Score: 220   // Level: 3
(17.Mar - 11:29, 2009)
#1: We are asking the community to list their opinions about POWER skills that should be

Do not use this topic for discussion of another persons opinions or spamming.
Only post your opinions of specific Power Skills.
You may suggest numbers but it is not required.
If you think a certain power spell should be removed please suggest that as well if you are
inclined to believe that it is too difficult to properly balance or doesn’t fit well at all with
the hero.

All irrelevant, erroneous, and spam posts will be deleted.


pic   Graymark
Score: 169   // Level: 22
Ladder Mod.
(17.Mar - 12:23, 2009)
#2: The pandas healing potions need to be able to stack

all other power spells that create items need buffs/things they do when ur inventory is full

(wolf rider..naga princess..spirit walker..only ones i can think of atm)


pic   eric[gss]
Score: 5   // Level: 13
(17.Mar - 12:42, 2009)
#3: all aoe dmg spells that are channeling need more damage.
picCraftman21 said: Eric, I dub thee, Sir Demerol. You pill junkie. Congrats on the B-Day. Another year, Another fail.

pic   KileRatZ
Score: 74   // Level: 19
(17.Mar - 13:30, 2009)
#4: Note: I haven’t played HoSK enough to know about every skill, so sometimes I probably missed a skill with a similar theme as the ones I’m describing here.

Comparing the Mana Shield from Magic Shield to those of Sorceress and Naga Queen:
- Magic shield - 10 dmg per mana, 50%
- Sorceress - 4/5/7 dmg per mana, 55/60/70%
- Naga Queen - 4/5/6 dmg per mana, 70/75/80%, also heals 150/300/450 per cast

IMO the item’s mana shield is way better than that of the latter two (Light Ghost’s manashield is barely better at lvl3). While I’d gladly use the Naga’s shield for HP, I’d turn the shield off immediately after. I think both mana shields should be buffed, the Sorceress’ especially. Note that the mana shield receives damage before the armor applies (but after evasion), so it’s one of those skills that can’t get that imba even in latestage.

Regarding the Dispel Magic - I believe it is too situational, one of
those skills meant as a counter, therefore it doesn’t make much sense that you
have to pick them in the beginning (you’re also screwed if you get it together
with Devour Magic). Perhaps it should be replaced - Naga Queen and Knight have
this skill.


I think the worst problem is with the buff power skills, IMO they aren’t
balanced well yet:

- Compare Assassin’s Vampire Rage to Satyr’s Numbing rage, Druid of the Claw’s
Bear Strength, and Revenant’s Soul Stealer; balance them closer together
(especially the Numbing Rage is pretty bad ATM). Hmm almost forgot, Elune Child’s Bloody Stance is pretty crazy too, especially with kiting.

- I think the Sea Ogre’s Stone Form and Kobold’s Great Armor should both have a lesser duration.

There’s definitely more (especially with skills which take armor or increase damage given to the caster).

Also, a lot of the Swarm skills (Lightning Swarm from Storm Lich, Spirit Rain from Light Ghost, Orbs of Lightning from the Archmage, ...) are way underpowered. However, life stealer swarms are okay.


pic   spacevet
Score: 72   // Level: 26
Important Member
(17.Mar - 18:26, 2009)

make higher level of them better than lower level.
Also make it so that it has a use, even if inventory is full or you already got 1 set of drums.

Insanity is the sane reaction to a world gone insane.

pic   SatanReaper
Score: 130   // Level: 28
Guide Mod.
(17.Mar - 18:41, 2009)
#6: Remove any skills that add items and replace them with normal ones, like alchemy, magic drums, voodoo something....if they keep giving items then make their mana cost 0, since having 1 less inventory spot costs at least 50 mana

pic   optimist
Score: 24   // Level: 0
(17.Mar - 19:28, 2009)
#7: The First i could think of is the Summon skill to Dryad. The Rock Golems
are way too good. They got alot more dmg, hp and magic resistance then any
other summon.
As a suggestion, maybe add HP loss over time like the fire wolf or decrease the
dmg/hp. :)


Score: 18   // Level: 1

(17.Mar - 21:36, 2009)
#8: The Spirit Walker’s Psionic Fire is too easy to kill, with a void charm or orb of the dragon, and it gives pic35 each, mby it wasnt meant for damage but still, the aura is only useful if it lives, otherwise one shot and no more aura

Also suggestion for spells that takes up item spaces, how bout make it an uncancellable buff with charges, might be too imba tho. Cuz the only drawback to Eternal Orbs is the item slot.

Naga Princess’ Water Break is her only channeling, and it’s pretty weak, almost useless, even for farming two lanes at the same time, it can’t even single-handedly wipe a wave

Fire Warrior’s Blade Storm doesn’t seem very effective, the spell immune is nice, but the damage... might as well stand and get killed with spell shield on, its the same effect :D

If you light a man his fire, he be warm for one night...
If you set him on fire, he be warm for the rest of his life

pic   KileRatZ
Score: 74   // Level: 19
(17.Mar - 21:56, 2009)
#9: I think the hero is actually still performing normal hits while bladestorming (it’s definitely so in normal war3).

Score: 18   // Level: 1

(17.Mar - 22:08, 2009)
#10: What? Since when can you attack while bladestorm????? hax???
Last time I randomed bladestorm last time and definitely could not normal attack... mby that was the older hosk
Beside I think the logic is that he is too busy spinning to normal attack :D
Mby make it so that it deals 1.5*(Agi+Str) per second, and even then that’s too weak compare to normal attack, mby add an armor boost? But then it’s too imba, you guys decide, I don’t wanna make up numbers :D

If you light a man his fire, he be warm for one night...
If you set him on fire, he be warm for the rest of his life

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