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news Latest version: v1.19

( hits) DownLoad Hands of Sorrow Knight


New hero: Mannoroth the Pit Lord!
Some changes made to the loading screen. Also, players now dont have to press a key to announce theyre ready, so the game will start exactly when everyone loads instead of wasting additional time.
Replaced the Dire Ogres bonus on death. After killing the dire ogre, the killing team will have one improved Dire Bandit/Sentry on one lane, much stronger than the ordinary (for 5 minutes).
Damage Meter improved, it will now tell you your dps exactly 5 seconds after youve first hit it, and then every 5 seconds (till you stop). It should also display the number of hits more accurately. The DPS might be different than before; The new damage meter measures it more accurately.
Added a -dp Dynamic Powers mode: You can change your heros powers even later in the game, without any price. You must be in your base, just type -powers X Y, and youll get your powers numbered X and Y. If you only type -powers, a text with all your powers will be displayed.When you switch powers, all your summons and positive buffs expire.
Powers can only be switched 30s after your last power was used (but usually even more if your power has >30 cd).
Creeps resurrected by animate dead will now have the same level of attack/armor/hp as the team leaders (not level 0).
Reworked the int heroes so that they now start with more armor (mostly 1 or 2 more armor, no change for sorceress or weather lord).
Added a -survival mode: A battle against series of creeps, only works if all players are on one team. you setup how much higher the enemy creeps levels are compared to yours (linearly). You can also setup what their initial level is. For example "-survival22 10" makes the enemy units level up 2.2 levels each time your units level up one level, and they start at level 10.
New mode: -mm Multiple Mysticals : you can carry more than 1 mystical
Added a welcoming screen at the start of HoSK. This welcoming screen advertises the "new" command. The welcome screen goes away if you press ESC, or when you select a hero.
Replaced an intro/animation for players other than blue.
Added tutorials (in images) for new players if they press "-new".
Magic resistance checking command: "-resistance".

Frost debuff now slows the movement speed by 15% (was 20%) and attack speed by 30% (was 40%). This applies to spells based on Frost Armor and Frost Nova.
Kobolds Great Spirit in the Sky --- Replaced: Kobolds Justice: You pray to the great kobold so that your next 3 strikes deal bonus 40 + [your STR*0.6 0.8 1] physical damage.
Gnoll bloodworms changed to non-summons (they dont benefit from summon auras or upgrades, but also cannot be eliminated by dispel).
Non-healing swarms are now 66% stronger vs creeps. (previously they were only 66% stronger vs heroes, but now the damage has been made 66% stronger, so it deals same dmg to heroes and creeps).
Weatherlord primary: lowered its range from 400 450 500 550 600 to 400 425 450 475 500. Lowered damage from 20 35 50 70 90 to 20 30 40 50 65.
weatherlord lowered armor by 2, lowered HP by 50.
Cannibalize reworked:
Cooldown: 40/37/34/31/28 seconds
Duration: 5 seconds
Healed: 30 40 50 60 70 /s
Bonus: If the channel is completed, you are healed for an additional 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 % of Maximum HP.
Barbed Area: changed its damage per second from 90/90/90 to 50/75/100.
Elune Child Starfall strike damage per wave dropped from 80 to 65.
Archmages Water Elementals changed to Frost Elementals, with 7% 2-second frost attack.
Soul flayer: now spawns 2/3/4 flayer wards up from 1.
Dwarf Hammerfall: area of attack from 400 to 275/350/425.
Fire Warrior Training: Is now capped to max +50 agility instead of 200 max agi.
Archmage orbs of lightning buffed: changed the damage type from piercing to spell.
Frozen Storm: damage buffed to 45 70 95.
Dark Gnoll: now moves faster and starts with more armor and damage.
Naga Attack: Now spawns 3 4 5 naga sirens.
Mana salve: keeps half its strength for the duration even if youre hit.
Paladin Divine Shield: Raised the 3-second exhaustion-slow from 20% to 30% after the invulnerability wears off.
Lowered the frostarmord duration from 3s to 2s and nerfed the cooldown from 11 10 9 8 6 to 20 18 16 14 12.
Frost armor: from now on, ranged attackers will also be slowed, but only for 0.5s.
Pitlord: You can now have Hellfire and Overlord Presence skills without them interfering with each other.
Satyrs spiders slow from 30% to 20% and it no longer stacks.
Naga windwalk: Cooldown from 15 11 7 to 15. Duration from 10 15 20 to 10. Movement speed increase is still 10% 20% 30%. Damage from 200 250 300 to 200 275 350.
Siphon: Now has max 300 400 500 range. It should now work correctly and not just for 1 second.
Earthquake: Now slows units by 30 40 50 60 70%, up from 10 20 30 40 50%. Cooldown raised from 15 seconds to 22 seconds.
Naga Shock: duration reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.

Added a new passive - Dampening Aura - in 500 range, enemy heals get reduced by 8 12 16 20 25%.
Bonus to level 5: When healed, the enemy attacked by you will have an additional 10% heals reduction for 2 seconds.
Regeneration aura nerfed from 3 6 9 12 15 to 2 4 6 8 10 hp/s.
Magic Creep Bash bonus on level 5: Killing a tent creep gives you a timed bonus, where each killed tentcreep raises the duration by 10s. This bonus is: you get a 20% (15% if ranged) hero-bash for 0.5 seconds. Does not work on hard creeps.
Dual Hazard: Attack speed bonus raised from lvl*3 to lvl*5.
Back Stab Attack : Merges into Art of the Assassin (removed from passives list).
New Art of the Assassin: Increases attack speed by 5% 10% 15% 20% 28%. When you attack from behind (180 degrees), deals additional damage: 20 30 40 50 70 (does not work for ranged heroes). Also makes you harder to see.
Vampirism passive: heal raised from 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% / ranged, 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% /melee, to 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% / ranged, 4% 8% 12% 16% 20% / melee.
Poison slash will now not be available for the first 8 minutes.
Deadly skulls: From 50-125 to 25-150 dmg, skulls now fly a bit faster.
Bloody Golems: Buffed the chance for them to spawn to 45% for melee heroes.

Mark of an Angel: added 25-50 heal on cast.
Spirit axe: heal from 400 to 350, mana cost from 8 to 11, cooldown from 25 to 28.
Rhynns Eye sight range from 900 to 600.
Twohander - added an active: 1.5s silence on your next attack (silences items as well). Attack must be from max 300 range.
Vampire Amulet : nerfed the creep aura (from 60% to 40%), but added a 2s silence on next attack active (attack from max 300 range).
Vorpal - Reworked its recipe: Sacred Hammer + boots + gloves of haste + mask of death = 5300.
Warrior helm: recipe cost from 1150 to 650.
Conjured Necklace: Cooldown from 20s to 45s.
Nerfed angels shield dmg decrease from 12.5 to 10%.
Angels shield: Active casting time from 2s to 0.5s, but cd from 23 to 30.
Crushing axe active cooldown from 35 to 25.
Orcrist slam slow from 50% to 35%, eternal from 70% to 50%.
Orcrist pulverize from 120 xtra damage to 90 extra damage, eternal from 200 to 150, eternal bonus attack speed from 45% to 30%.
Rexxar cost from 6000 to 5000. The actives wave damage from 400 to 500, noticably faster and longer, cd from 30 to 25. Same goes for the eternal. Eternals bonus attack speed from 25% to 30%.
Rexxar: Thunder Clap damage from 300 to 200. Cooldown from 25 to 28.
Rexxars Slow-on-active-thunderclap added to description, and nerfed from 50% in 3s to 35% in 3s, similar in knights fury.
Nightshroud [natures will eternal] now gives permanent invis after only 1.5s.
Magic Gloves Banish from 70 to 50 seconds cooldown, from 40 to 30 mana needed, replaced ingredient Great Staff with Apprentice Club, and the recipe itself now costs 1200 less gold.
Lorica cost from 7000 to 6500 (overall cost dropped by a thousand due to warrior helm change).
Ring of Betrayal [acid talizman eternal]: on windwalk, you now also gain +25% movement speed.
Divine Armor [lorica eternal]: cooldown from 40 to 35.
Teenirs Soulgem [rhynns eternal]: Orb damage from 75 per 0.75 to 125 per 0.4.

Fixed the mana regeneration bug on Sapphire Staff.
Removed upper playernumber limit when using -center.
You can now type -center while having a -tl (Two Lanes) game.
You can now "-center" after the game finishes if you had a centered/2lane game, as well.
All swarm-type skills now have their damage type noted in description (its not the same for every skill).
There will be a game owner in the game even if theres no blue at start. The game owner will be the first player by number (color).
Fixed an issue where an observer could end the game through the -surrender command.
When -center is called, spawner trees and ships now get correctly destroyed
Fixed Crescent barrage to only work on enemies.
Fixed Wolf Riders Voodoo Walk hotkey.
HoSK Crash when near SK (when he fights against someone with Druids Aura) has been fixed.
Fixed the hotkey for leveling up, and the required hero levels for Gnolls primary (Crescent Barrage).
Fixed the rune of speed to indeed give only +35% increased MS instead of the maximum speed mode.
Fixed Akama hotkeys so no two hotkeys on powers are the same.
Healing Salve against Nukes now doesnt trigger when you have it at level 0.
Akama now properly gains agi instead of int when using Unleash Power.
Malfurion shackle duration now defaults to same number regardless of the target ( = Fixed the aerial shackles duration on SK).
Fixed an issue with the passive orbs of the eternal named Hands of Sorrow Knight.
Fixed Slaywoos Shuriken so that it doesnt sometimes stay on the map after being rendered inactive.
dracula darkwalk: illusion information in the description now shows up correctly.
Vampirism passive now shows an icon when youre looking at your passive skills in your heros spellbook (it always worked, it just has an icon there now to avoid confusion).
Rhynns eye: added the max sight range in the description.
Rabbit polymorph no longer gives you mana while youre in it (Blizzard has recently fixed the negative mana regeneration bug while being hexed, so the workaround in HoSK is now also removed).
Grotlantneruber description updated to point out that its passive applies on all 9 of its active hits.
Fixed SK minion spawning when the game would be in -ram/-center mode.
Vampire Amulet: renamed to Vampiric Amulet.
Fixed Rod of Anacondas description bug
The "timer until the game begins" has been moved to the Multiboard Title.
Multiboard now starts as closed/minimized by default.
Modes are now only shown on the Multiboard Title while theyre being picked.
Heroes with the sapphire staff will from now also carry it as a weapon attachment (only graphics).

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Jimi003 (14.Feb - 07:49): My discord and announcement discord are the same thing, so please join us and help us playtest more games :)
Asfreedman (03.Feb - 02:15): We've been having games every day for the last week now! Whoever sees this make sure to join the discord over to the left!
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Think we could join them somehow? How many people are on your server?
Jimi003 (19.Jan - 22:52): Hey I've got a discord with 17 total people on, started it a while back but forgot to post here:
levimega111 (19.Jan - 11:23): Made a hosk discord cause got a few games with ppl that knew how to play please join
Epik (14.Jan - 08:00): Will there be a new hosk for wc3 reforged?
Asfreedman (12.Jan - 04:53): just redownloaded wc3... so i'm playing a little here and there. My nick is ArtZoyd now and im playing on US East.
XiPiX (06.Dec - 22:09, 2018): Wc3 is alive again bois! If anyone is up for some HOSK? My ingame nick has change to Lolapops :)
Cillidan (20.Oct - 14:24, 2018): more or less. but this page is dead tho
ndinh (19.Oct - 13:43, 2018): this game still alive ppl?
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